Weekly Respite

Morning Program

Ages 0 - 5
Discover a haven of support for your child and yourself. Our program offers “purposeful respite” to children, providing three hours of licensed child care, five days a week, at absolutely no cost.
Our dedicated caregivers are trained to not only supervise but also to nurture crucial developmental skills in your child. From fostering social interactions to honing communication abilities, our caregivers guide your child through a spectrum of enriching activities designed to promote growth. By mastering these skills within our program, your child gains the confidence to apply them in any setting.
Meanwhile, you, as a caregiver, can enjoy a well-deserved break knowing that your child is in capable hands. Moreover, we equip you with valuable tools to support your child’s ongoing success beyond our program.

After School Program

Ages 5 - 12+
Experience the perfect blend of relaxation and enrichment for your child after a day at school. Our After-School Program offers purposeful respite to this age group, completely free of charge. Recognizing the need to unwind and engage in dynamic activities after hours of structure and focus, our trained caregivers lead sessions aimed at channeling energy, fostering creativity, and promoting re-regulation.
By participating in our program, children can transition back to a relaxed and balanced state before heading home, creating a more harmonious environment for the entire family. Let us provide the support your child needs to thrive beyond the classroom.

Mid-Day Program

The Mid-Day Program is a specialized program, designed to accommodate those children with elevated needs, whether those needs are medical or behavioral. By working with those children in a 1:1 up to 1:3 ratio (staff to child), we are able to provide the interactions and environment that will best assist each child.
Peace Place recognizes that not all children are able to be around a number of other children because of decreased immunity or sensory issues, but they still benefit from the same purposeful care that other children receive. If the extreme behaviors are preventing full participation in school or other care facilities, the goal is to build positive behavioral and self-regulation skills so they can rejoin school or the optimal child care center, when they are ready to do so.

Reverse Inclusion Program

Coming Fall 2024

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316 6th Street S, Great Falls, MT 59405

The respite programs at Peace Place are funded in part (about one-third) under a Contract with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

The statements herein do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Department.

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