Summer Camps

KinderReady Bootcamp

Kinder-Ready Bootcamp assists children who will be entering Kindergarten by teaching them basic classroom skills, such as proper sitting, improved focus, successful transitions, taking turns, and basic academics.
The most important training, however, is on social-emotional skills, which tend to be lacking in children with special needs. We also emphasize pre-academic skills (social skills, communication skills, positive behaviors, and basic executive functioning skills), recognizing that the advancement of regular academic skills will most likely be a byproduct of these foundational skills.

Summer Camps

These camps are designed to keep school-age children with special needs engaged and participating in constructive programs, thus giving parents opportunities for respite in the summer months.
Peace Place provides five different respite-based camps during the summer, including two Art Camps, two Nature Camps, and a Back-to-School Bootcamp.
The Bootcamp was created to help children who struggle with acclimating to school in the fall. They begin the process of increasing focus and attention, building endurance, practicing self-regulation, and engaging in executive functioning skills before school begins. Parents and teachers alike love this program and the positive effect it has on students.
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The respite programs at Peace Place are funded in part (about one-third) under a Contract with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services.

The statements herein do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the Department.

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